Friday, 2 January 2015

Summary of the Year 2014

It's been quite an alright year for me; somewhat less okay concerning blogging and gaming. I didn't post nearly as many as last year (24 vs. 42), nor did I play as much (22 vs. 32 sessions in 12 vs. 11 games).

The all time favourites on the blog as of now are (1) my AS&SH review, (2) Starting a Megadungeon Campaign, (3) GMC rules changes summary, (4) Rappan Athuk - Session Zero, and (5) Alternate Rule for Paralysis.

What follows is a list of games I played or ran this year, other game-related things I did, some things I wanted to do but did not, and, finally, my game-related plans for the next year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

This year I played the following games:
  • a single session of Brendan's Finchbox (Google+); my ranger got killed in combat with plant monsters
  • a session of Kazamaták és Kompániák (Google+) in Narmor's "Patkányok a pincében" (Rats in the Basement), testing 0-level rules for the upcoming second edition of our own Kazamaták és Kompániák
  • a single session of Original Warhammer Fantasy (Google+) ran by Urban; well, rather a single combat, for I joined right in the middle of a fight with a lich; long story short, we got killed and were reanimated to serve the lich
  • a single session of Ghost Lines (Google+) ran by Illés Mizsák
  • a session of Don't Rest Your Head (face-to-face)
  • a session of Helvéczia ran by Premier on a convention; instead of the default setting, this game took place in Caledonia
  • a session of Narmor's FATE-like MAGUS hack
And I ran the following ones:
  • 4 sessions of Vikings & Valkyries (face-to-face)
  • 4 sessions of AS&SH (face-to-face), the continuation of our V&V campaign
  • 2 sessions of Torchbearer; one on Google+ with people new to the game and one face-to-face on a convention; it was rather slow; I think this game is really good but it requires time to appreciate its nuances
  • one session of Rappan Athuk (Google+); although we haven't played for a long time, I still haven't given up hope running a megadungeon campaign
  • a single session of Perdition (Google+); unfortunately, I was very tired and disorganised at the time, so it played much slower than it ought to
  • 2 sessions of Helvéczia (face-to-face)
  • one session of Kazamaták és Kompániák (face-to-face) , playtesting a small portion of my upcoming module "Süvöltő Gépezetek Csarnokai" (Halls of the Wuthering Machines)
And some other gaming-related things I did:
  • participated in a Hungarian role-playing videoblog (Szerepjáték Mánia 03), rather poorly, I must say
  • attended Kalandorok Társasága I. (ran Torchbearer, played Kaledónia)
  • proofread Dragon Union
  • wrote several reviews (cf. Arcana Rising, Hulks & Horrors, AS&SH, and Grandpappy Cromdar's Whizbang Zoo!)
  • played a few boardgames (including Talisman (random hilariousness), Game of Thrones (won 2 out of 3 games, just to brag), and Village (I liked this one the most; Miklós, you know what to do :P)
  • played several video games (notably Defender's Quest, Kingdom Rush, Long Live the Queen, and Unepic)

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