Saturday 29 June 2019

News from Khromarium #1

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of posts; first I was preoccupied with moving, and now I'm gearing up for our summer gaming getaway with my friends (and, having already finished the new Peru chapter, the start of Masks of Nyarlathotep proper). Nevertheless, I'm more than halfway through with compiling the next post in the "excellence from the blogosphere" series.

But to make sure there's something of value in this post as well, I present to you a list of news I shared with my players in my AS&SH game (inspired by Chris Kutalik's news posts over at Hill Cantons).

  • The rise of Phlianos the Cruel among the city-state's oligarchs is a grim portent, aver many sages. The sorcerer, formerly known as Phlianos the Glum, has miraculously recovered from a severe case of saturnine fever (an affliction associated with prolonged exposure to arcane metals), and has already made a number of drastic propositions, including the forbiddance of vermilion and carmine (except for the highest social stratum) and the reinstatement of the archaic punishment of skeletal calcification.
  • The Order of the Flaming Yak has declared Arkadios the Silver-Tongued, former advisor to Chancellor Moebius, persona non grata. The advisor was revealed to have played a crucial role in losing exclusive privileges regarding a handful of theurgic tomes penned by Saur the Spectral, kept in the private collection of the eccentric Vilkina Uttrem.
  • A delegation from Erikssgard recently arrived with intentions to clarify their position on unsanctioned raids orchestrated by the Sons of Green. They are reputedly staying in the Tower of Serenity, a private club dedicated to humble delights.
  • The Lapidaries' Guild has voiced their concern regarding the increased taxation of gem imports. They immediately formed an alliance with the Jewellers' Guild. Rumour has it that their leadership may even attempt a formal merger of the two guilds, much to the chagrin of the Jale Triarchy.
  • Only two weeks from now, Hrabnab's Tongue, a constellation associated with adroitness and savoir faire, will become visible to the naked eye for three consecutive nights. The festive events include gladiatorial combat between man and beast (thanks to the generosity of Euthymios and his collection of foreign creatures), archery contests, and midnight theatre (this year's programme features the celebrated plays The Sordid Hero, By Xathoqqua's Tentacle!, and The Mermaiden).