Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Simple Seasonal Weather Table

Just a rather lazy post for today: a weather table I originally wrote for Grim Tales, but I will probably utilise in my Heartwarming Sandbox game.

  1. Chilly, rainy, and windy
  2. Chilly and foggy
  3. Mild, breezy, and rainy
  4. Mild and cloudy
  5. Warm and rainy
  6. Hot and sunny
  1. Mild and stormy
  2. Warm and rainy
  3. Warm and breezy
  4. Warm and sunny
  5. Hot and sunny
  6. Sweltering and sunny
  1. Chilly and stormy
  2. Chilly and windy
  3. Chilly and foggy
  4. Mild and breezy
  5. Mild and rainy
  6. Warm and breezy
  1. Frigid and hailstormy
  2. Frigid and snowy
  3. Cold and snowy
  4. Cold and windy
  5. Cold and sunny
  6. Mild and sunny