Stuff I Did

  • JN3: Saga of the Giants (mostly treasures and encounter details for "Hill Giant Hall")
  • Kazamata 1. szám (articles "Egy kis sword & sorcery" and "Mini-vadon generálás)
  • Kazamata 2. szám (two NPCs in the article "NJK Képtár")
  • Nod, Issue 30 ("Heavy Metal Fantasy", rules for magical guitars and guitar battles)
  • Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition (two petty gods and a couple petty foods)
  • The Undercroft, Issue 10 (the article "Babel Square")
  • Underworld Lore, Issue 1 (a couple entries in the article "d30 Table of Skull Candies")
  • Underworld Lore, Issue 3 (a couple entries in the article "By Ishtar's Notch!")

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