Wednesday, 7 January 2015

AS&SH Random Encounters

For our ongoing AS&SH game I have been using random encounter tables of my own design for quite some time. I decided to share the three tables used so far with both my players and fellow gamers.

Although these tables could be used for all swamp or plains areas, I quite like the idea of personalised encounter tables for different areas, so that not all swamps are completely alike.

You may find the three tables here:
Note that on land I roll an encounter check per every 4-hour period (so 4 "day" and 2 "night" checks), while only twice a day on sea. Since an encounter occurring has a 1-in-8 chance on land (and 1-in-6 on sea) and because not every encounter necessarily leads to combat (fearsome foes can be avoided or sometimes negotiated with), it is actually not that harsh. Sometimes it, I must add, but I never really liked the 10-minute day adventuring, anyways.

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