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Vikings & Valkyries - Session Five

Session 5 (October 26, 2013)

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I am very much late with this play report, so let me just get through it quickly.

The current party of adventurers:
  • Harald Greentooth (Viking 2), veteran javelin-thrower and spear-wielder
  • Jormund (Sorcerer 2), cunning sorcerer
  • Gottfried Flogasson (Prince 1), designated tank of the party, also of noble heritage
  • Esya Valdensdottir (Huntress 1), a hunter living in the forest
  • Freydís (Priestess of Freya 1), a priestess coming from a secluded community of Frey-worshippers
After having conquered and looted the village of the damned Gregorssons, the party met a delegation of warriors from a settlement nearby whom were terrorised by a beast named Frafmarr. The party, realising this is the quest they received at the shrine of Uller in the last session, agreed to help.
Referee's note: Players of mine criticised how I had previously presented the traditions of the Gregorssons on this blog (cf. "the Gregorssons adore goats more than anything"); so I would like to make it clear: they are sick, twisted-minded, son-of-a-bitches goat-fuckers, all of them. Thank you.
Before they headed towards the threatened settlement, Gottfried engaged in heavy drinking, competing with the leader of said village's "ambassadors", Ornolf (actually, the eldest son of the village ruler). Despite his reputation, he was no match for Gottfried's seasoned liver.
Referee's note: Our group enjoys such little contests very much. Gottfried's player also tried to make Ornolf his henchman but the attempt failed. I hope this does not discourage him from trying again in the future.
Arriving at the village in need, the party introduced themselves to the ruler, Gálur, and assured him that they would take care of their problem; for bringing such good news and offering their help, Gálur throw a nice party for the party. They were busy feasting and drinking when, all of a sudden, some villagers dashed in and told them that the beast was there. A longish battle ensued in which (to my surprise) no player character died.
Referee's note: Harald and Gottfried, accompanied by two regular warriors, were the front line warriors, while Jormund and Esya were shooting arrows repeatedly. Freydís contributed nothing to the battle, and only healed the wounded afterwards; although it was tactically justified (low defense rating, attack modifier, and - most importantly - hit points), I can only hope that it was not alienating to her. Anyhow, the battle was pretty straightforward, although Gottfried would have probably died, if it was not for his using Fate in the right times. I provided the stats of Frafmarr at the end of the post, partly for my players to see how cool they were, partly for fellow Maze Masters, who are not yet sure how powerful monsters are "fair" to be thrown at the players.
After the battle, Gottfried provoked Ornolf into duelling with him; it was later announced as an official duel to take place on the following morrow. For their killing the beast, they were still rewarded some barrels of beer, then left. Returning to Uller's shrine, Gottfried received Uller's bow, a potent magic weapon.

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Taxonomy: Monster
Description: A huge wolf-like creature with intimidating jaws and thick hide; Frafmarr is capable of spitting corrosive acid. A valuable-looking gem is embedded in its spiky collar.
Size: Large
Ferocity: Deadly
Cunning: Clever
Mystique: Eldritch
Movement: 90’ (360’ when galloping)
Initiative: 15
Melee Attack: +8
Damage: 2d6 (claws & bite)
Defense Class: 16
Hits Total: 36
Detection / Evasion: +8 / +4
Mystic Fortitude: +8
Special Abilities: Charge into Battle (Initiative 19, Melee +12), Breath Attack (30', 2d6, acid), Gallop, Magic Resistance, Sharp Senses, Stealthy (14), Supernatural Vigour, Tough Skin.
The Gem: A magical device through which creatures of normally low intelligence can be controlled from safety. Destroying it requires a successful attack from an appropriate weapon and a damage roll of 5 or more.

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