Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rappan Athuk - Session Two

Session 2 (October 10, 2013)

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The present party:
  • Azureus (Magic-User 1)
  • Erik (Fighter 1)
  • Ozborn (Cleric of the Sun God 1) and Milkiway (archer)
  • Starbucks (Fighter 1), and Starbucks Junior (light infantry)
The major events were the following:
  • The party returned to the mausoleum where they left an animate corpse wearing a ring. Long story short, said undead lost his ring and his head, as well.
  • Entering the main mausoleum the party figured out the puzzle to enter Rappan Athuk; unfortunately, members of the adventuring party refused to share the secret. The only thing they mentioned was a fight with two skeletons black as coal.
  • The party, due to sheer luck, successfully avoided a dangerous trap; they also marked its place with white chalk.
  • They encountered a bunch of ratlings, who shared some useful information with the party: (1) the northern half of the first level, as the party suspected, is the territory of the infamous Dung Monster, (2) the western corridor leads to the second level, home to a group of ogres, and (3) the river supposedly leads to a temple of sorts.
  • The ratlings also offered some vials of poison in exchange for eliminating Ambro, the leader of the ogres.
  • The party encountered the Dung Monster; reasoning with it seemed to be less than fruitful (all it cared about was food), and eventually they had to run away.
It was a much less fruitful delve than the first one; the party only recovered 247gp worth of treasure (compared to 3170gp for the last time). Nevertheless, they have explored most of the first main level and have a rough idea what else is about to come. Furthermore, the rumours and quests also helped in certain situations, which is exactly why I devised them in the first place.

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