Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rappan Athuk - Recruiting Henchmen

It may be wise for a party of adventurers to hire additional muscle; henchmen are zero-level NPCs who fight alongside the PCs. Their statistics are the following: HP (1d6), AC (determined by armour), and Morale (7 + employer's CHA modifier).

There is a limit of how many henchmen may follow one particular player character (the modifiers are cumulative):
  • the base limit is 2
  • +1 if CHA modifier is positive
  • -1 if CHA modifier is negative
  • +1 if 4th level or higher
  • +1 if 8th level or higher
It is generally true that seeing luxury lures more brave and foolish people than poverty; the players are able to manipulate the number and quality of possible henchmen by spending gold between sessions as shown below (note, these amounts must be spent in addition to other purchases as they represent drinking festivals, victory feasts, luxurious wakes, and oh-my-god-we're-alive orgies).
  • Zero GP: 3d6; each 5 is a light infantry and each 6 is a light archer
  • 100 GP: 3d8; as above, plus each 7 is a heavy infantry and each 8 is a crossbowman
  • 200 GP: 3d10; as above, plus each 9 is a barbarian and each 10 is a swordsman
  • 500 GP: 3d12; as above, plus each 11-12 is a special henchmen rolled on an upcoming table
The number of dice rolled may also be increased by spending the initial cost multiple times or 50gp for the base option (for instance, for 400gp players may choose 4d10 or 6d8), but no more than 10 dice can be rolled.

Below you find the base statistics, equipment, and hiring cost of the different henchmen types:
  • light infantry, 10 GP (leather, spear)
  • archer, 15 GP (leather, short bow, 2 quivers, dagger)
  • heavy infantry, 20 GP (chain, spear)
  • crossbowman, 30 GP (chain, light crossbow, 2 quivers, dagger)
  • barbarian, 40 GP (leather, great axe)
  • swordsman, 50 GP (chain, shield, sword)
After surviving the first expedition, henchmen earn a name and the ability to advance as they survive further expeditions. After each session, their master has the option of paying them an extra 100 GP, for which one of the following bonuses may be chosen (each may only be taken once): (1) +1 to damage rolls, (2-3) increase HD by one, (4) improve AC by 1 point, and (5-6) increase morale by 1 point.

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