Friday, 7 June 2013

Land of NOD, Session 4

Session 4 (May 23, 2013)

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We finally carried on with our Land of Nod sandbox campaign; it has been a while since we last played, and it took this whole session for us to get back on track with the whole sandbox/hex-crawling idea. Having defeated the pirates, the party decided to explore the whole of the island.

The player characters present this session:
  • Elil Uh-Rair, devout follower of Kothar-wa-Khasis (Cleric 3 / Magic-User 3), and his 3 archer men-at-arms
  • John Carter, a former military officer in a space-faring empire (Fighting-Man 4) and his loyal follower, Ubul (kobold)
  • Latrotox, a nobleman from Venatia (Illusionist 3), and his 5 armoured men-at-arms
  • Skjalja, a tritonesse (Triton 4)
The party, after meeting Skjalja, headed for a mountain peak where, according to the tritonesse, some treasure might lay. On their way, they encountered an abandoned smithy, where a magic hammer was still working on its own, and on the first floor of the building, a white ape was chewing on a corpse. They surprised the ape through the window, so it tried to escape through the ground floor, where the party go in its way. The ape grabbed the hammer and in a low voice ordered the party to stand back for it is a sacred shrine of Thorin. Naturally, they killed the ape and took its hammer.

They continued towards the peak where they found a bunch of white apes living around some sort of underground entrance formed like a gaping mouth of an enormous snake or worm. With the help of some flasks of oil and a Jump spell, they successfully scared off the apes and entered the dungeon, where they fought a heroic battle with a couple of dwarven warriors in black plate armour and their ape servitors, after entering a room full of shriekers. Unfortunately to them, Latrotox and 3 armoured men-at-arms were killed; the party left the dungeon and decided not to come back for some time.
Referee's note: This was a fun little session, albeit a little bit slow at the beginning. Also, for some reason I expected they leave the island, so I had to quickly grab a short module that I could run after quickly skimming through it - it ended up being Dyson Logos's Into the Worm's Gullet with some slight cosmetic changes to better fit my style.

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