Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ixomant the Living Darkness

Submitted for the Petty Gods project.

Ixomant dwells in the deepest of caves and the darkest of dungeons. Even if unseen, his presence can be experienced as a feel of a nightly breeze chilling to the bone, a lurking amorphous shadow, or simply the overwhelming fear of the dark, for exactly it is he.

Name: Ixomant, The Living Darkness
Symbol: black circle
Talisman: an undecorated cloak
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 180' (60')
Armour Class: 0 (affected by magic weapons only)
Hit Dice: 11
Attacks: 8 (tendrils of shadow)
Damage: 1 point of Strength drained
Save: Elf 11
Morale: 11 (5 when confronted with rainbows or other colourful objects)
Hoard Class: XVI
XP: 4,400

When encountered, a Save vs. Fear needs to be rolled; those who fail either run away (1-4/d6) or simply stand, virtually paralysed for 1d6+2 rounds (5-6/d6). In his close proximity (30'), mundane light sources instantly go out, and even magical ones slowly fade away (1d6 + spell level rounds).

Ixomant appears as blackness made into the form of a hovering human in robes. Instead of arms, however, he has eight tendrils of materialised darkness, the merest touch of which drains 1 point of Strength, ultimately turning mortals into obedient Shadows. He also has the ability of warping space around him so that he can virtually teleport from shadow to shadow. His otherworldly body can only be harmed by magic weapons and spells (although he is quite resistant to cold-based damage).

It is said that to earn his favour, his followers have to blind themselves with their own hands. Despite the painful act's necessity, Ixomant by no means lacks fanatical minions. Scholars claim that the rationale behind this is that in fact Ixomant himself is also blind.

Reaction Table (2d6)
(besides Charisma, treat the number of light sources as a penalty to Reaction)

2- Curses the party (Save vs. Spells or blinded permanently) and attacks.
3-5 Summons 1d12 Shadows and leaves.
6-8 Orders the party to leave the area - but can be bargained with.
9-11 Offers a quest to undermine either Grugzaret or Thuf or a god of light.
12+ Blesses the party (recipients act as if under Haste for 6 turns while in shadows), and provides some useful information.

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