Friday, 12 April 2019

Heartwarming Sandbox: Crow and Dwarf

Here are two more creatures from the Heartwarming Sandbox project; WIP as usual.

Crow, Sentient

Dreadful yet majestic in appearance, these cunning birds are always found in pairs, bickering. Nothing escapes their all-seeing eyes, and they know every story ever told. They sometimes deliver messages, and they always speak their warnings in ominous caws and croaks.

Neutral Animal
HD 1 | AC chain | MV fly 15 | ML 7
1 beak attack (1d4)

(1) vain
(2) cryptic
(3) squabbling
(4) grouchy
(5) sinister
(6) courteous

crow feathers

Elva & Olv, Mord & Kár, Vit & Mörk, Komf & Kramf, Sad & Glad

What are they discussing?
(1) Mundane gossips.
(2) Local politics.
(3) Customs and news of faraway lands.
(4) Events of historic significance.
(5) Morbid jokes.
(6) The future.


Dwarves are born from molten rocks deep within the bowels of the earth. They crawl their way up to the surface, naked and starving. Those who witness the beauty of the sun become Lawful sun dwarves; those who are first touched by moonlight, however, become Chaotic moon dwarves. Still, most dwarves live a secluded life along with their handful of brothers (if any).

Lawful/Chaotic Fairy
HD 1+1 | AC chain & shield | MV 9 | ML 9
1 pickaxe attack (1d6) or 1 spell

Dwarves know a single spell they can cast once per day. If shaved, dwarves lose all their magical capabilities and turn into mortals, essentially becoming short, ugly, bald people.

Demeanour/Colour/Spell (Sun dwarves)
(1) humble whitebeard (Cure Light Wounds)
(2) fierce yellowbeard (Fire Ball)
(3) fervent orangebeard (Protection from Evil)
(4) zestful redbeard (Haste)
(5) stoic brownbeard (Wall of Stone)
(6) peaceful greenbeard (Growth of Plants)

Demeanour/Colour/Spell (Moon dwarves)
(1) forlorn brownbeard (Stone to Flesh)
(2) brooding yellowbeard (Phantasmal Force)
(3) cackling bluebeard (Confusion)
(4) cryptic whitebeard (Clairvoyance)
(5) commanding graybeard (Hold Person)
(6) savage blackbeard (Cause Fear)

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