Thursday, 5 April 2018

Artefacts Sought by the Lord of Oblivion

High up in a wind-blasted plateau over the Blackfang Mountains stands the tower of the archwizard Thuzziak. The old master of the arcane hasn't left his abode in over a century. Reportedly, his collection of magical items includes the legendary Staff of Power. The mountains are plagued by demon-worshipping orcs and wyverns, while the plateau is home to an enigmatic tribe of satyrs, whose pipes inflict madness upon mortal men.

In the misty Mirror Realm ruled by Mal-Lam, the Fearful Symmetry lie many ancient artefacts. Among them is the sought after Mask of Lunacy. This pocket dimension is accessible through a number of magical mirrors found in places where the dimensional boundaries have been weakened by potent magics.

The powerful Gauntlet of Doors is said to be kept in the Floating Palace of Medusa the Opulent. The palace constantly changes its location, but it returns to Aigos Island once every month. The isle is ruled by Queen Bellatrix and her merry women, but the jungles are home to more feral dangers, such as vicious raptors, burrow-dwelling utu, and rhino-sized grey leopards.

The craters of Luna hold more than just the moonsilver mines of the grey folk: one of the massive tombs of interdimensional raider gods is believed to contain the Sword of Annihilation, the deadliest weapon ever wielded in combat.

The Tablet of Stars is known to be hidden in the Inverted Pyramid of Madness found in the hot and dry Red Desert, home only to crazed dervishes, fearsome nomads, and ungodly scorpion-men. The treasures in the pyramid are guarded by nefarious traps and deadly magic.


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    1. Thanks! For now, my players are sticking to exploring Rappan Athuk, though, about which I'll eventually post some thoughts here.