Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mini-Dungeon #1 - An Exercise in Gridmapper

This is a mini-dungeon that I used in my AS&SH campaign (you can check the play report here). It was accessible through a trapdoor in a storage room in a Dagonite village. I redid the map in Gridmapper (my very first attempt using it) and typed the key verbatim from my notes. Where not noted, assume doors can be opened without much hassle.

Dungeon Key:
  1. half-empty barrels of sour wine
  2. rats, guano
    rusty equipment, decayed barrels
  3. locked
    carvings of fishy motifs
    copper candelabras, no candles
    tunnels to the underground temple
  4. broken mirror, blood, meat
    silver chandelier (600gp)
  5. ajar
    2 guards sleeping (HD 1+1; AC 7; 1d6; ML 7)
  6. locked
    rebellious villager (prisoner)
  7. 2 guards sleeping (HD 1+1; AC 7; 1d6; ML 7)
    oubliette → chains, manacles, a young girl (werewolf)
    (HD 4; AC 5; 1d4/1d4/2d4; ML 8)
  8. locked
    old rug, chairs and benches knocked over
    old clock → inside a topaz (500gp)
  9. ajar
    coffins → 4 ghouls (HD 2; AC 6; 1d3/1d3/1d6 + paralysis; ML 10)


  1. Thanks for the link to grid mapper, I've been looking for something like that! Do you find it's easy enough to use?

    1. Yep, it's pretty great. A few notes, though:
      * you may move the cursor with your arrows, and I actually suggest you do (don't accidentally move your mouse over the grid, because it displaces the cursor)
      * "undo" is easier (and sometimes just plainly better) than "delete"
      * icons larger than a single square need some getting used to (mostly to learn how to properly place and rotate them)
      * you can make multi-level dungeons with it (and by default it's transparent, so you can place your stairs and chutes and trapdoors perfectly)