Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Three Witches

[I've had short descriptions of weird characters and locations like this for quite some time; I think I'm going to slowly publish them on the blog, unless I find a better way of sharing them]

Anna lives in a castle that stands on a seaside cliff. She's always spying the surrounding lands through the eyes of her birds, and she herself is capable of turning into a bird. They say she's keeping a beautiful princess captive in the highest room of the tallest tower.

Esther lives in a tumbledown cottage in the Thornwoods. During the day, she wanders the forest in the form of a nice old lady, looking for weeds, roots, and mushrooms for her concoctions. When the night falls, she turns into a beautiful maiden. Moonlight, however, reveals her true self.

Mary is always on the move, interested only in the pleasures of the flesh: she seduces young men and, having laid with them, devours them. If caught red-handed, she escapes easily on her flying broomstick. Once every lunar month she writhes in torment for hours, at the end of which she spawns a gluttonous swarm of insects.

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