Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dwimmermount - Session 1-2

Shortly after abandoning our Anima Prime game mid-campaign (on which I still intend to write a blog post; I just don't know when), we started another old-school campaign focussing on exploration. As a tent pole of the campaign, I chose Dwimmermount, a megadungeon I have recently reviewed on this very blog. Our system of choice was the under-development second edition of Kazamaták és Kompániák, a Hungarian retro-clone of B/X D&D.

Session 1-2

Our roster of player characters (retaining the curiosities of Hungarian orthography):
  • Batár Bartosz (dwarf 2)
  • Szigfrida (fighting-woman 1); Katrine (fighting-woman 2)
  • Finwe (elf; air elementalist 1)
  • Farandisz (bladedancer 2); Amelia (cleric 2)
  • Dargor (bard 1); Arwald (fighting-man 1); Aresius (cleric 1)
There were four delves in total during the two consecutive sessions, the highlights of which areI collected below (but my players are welcome to add their own little bits in the comment section):
  • The system is so rules-light that it was pretty easy to hack the Cleric and Thief into Bladedancer and Bard, respectively, based on their ACKS counterparts.
  • They restored the Gallery of Masks by putting the missing piece back into its place; they were too afraid to loot them seeing the corpse on the floor. A really nice piece of trap design, I must say.
  • Dargor the Bard was killed in the very first combat encounter of the game: a random encounter with vicious crab spiders. As a side note, his player currently holds the most character deaths in the campaign already.
  • They didn't fight the wight guarding the Vault of Spoils; instead, they tricked him into leaving his post by playing to his obsession with serving the Emperor (my own addition to the personality of this otherwise ordinary undead). They looted the place completely, although not in one single delve.
  • They found the Secret Treasury and looted it completely. Fortunately to them, I forgot about the details of the deadly cursed item, the scarab of death, which they were able to secure without harm. The lucky bastards.
  • They fought mostly with orcs (either as set-piece encounters or random ones); they got pretty much bored of them already.
  • They activated the Oracle in the Chamber of Face. I'm really glad they figured out the puzzle (I instantly interpreted it as a reference to the Tin Man, but I may be wrong).
  • As of now, they have lost 4 player characters (Dargor, Szigfrida, Arwarld, and Farandisz) and 1 henchman (Realstad).

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