Monday, 17 November 2014

Berserker Class Idea

What I present below is the result of my recent toying with class mechanics. It is obviously unfinished (and contains a lot of Pathfinder-isms), but I believe it still communicates the concept I had in mind well. I have some ideas for the cleric class, as well, basing their abilities on domains and channeling power (a resource similar to the berserker's rage).

Class Abilities
  • at first level, you gain Rage, Reckless Attack, and 2 Rage Powers
  • you gain one additional Rage Power every even level
  • you gain a Barbarian Talent of your choice every odd level
  • Rage points: 4 + CON + Level
  • you deal +2 damage in melee
  • maintaining Rage costs 1 Rage point per round
  • while bloodied, you are not required to pay this per-round cost
  • every time you land a killing blow, you gain 1 Rage point for each HD the creature possessed
Rage Powers (can only be used while raging; number in parenthesis refers to cost in Rage points)
  • Animal Fury: additional bite attack
  • Clear Mind (1 per use): reroll a failed Will save
  • Fearless Rage: immunity to shaken and frightened conditions
  • Guarded Stance (1 per round): all attacks against you gain disadvantage
  • Internal Fortitude: immunity to sickened and nauseated conditions
  • Intimidating Glare (1 per use): Intimidate check against one target; foe is shaken
  • Iron Skin: grants 1 point of Damage Reduction
  • Knockback (1 per use): +4 on a BULL RUSH attempt
  • Mighty Swing (2 per use): you deal double damage in melee
  • No Escape (1 per use): if an enemy withdraws, you immediately follow
  • Powerful Blow: +1 damage in melee
  • Quick Reflexes (1 per use): reroll a failed Reflex save
  • Renewed Vigour (2 per use): you forgo your attack for a round and you gain 1d8 + CON temporary hit points
  • Strength Surge (1 per round): +2 to attack, damage, and STR checks
  • Terrifying Howl (1 per use): all shaken enemies must make a Will save (10 + Level + STR) or become panicked
Barbarian Talent
  • Danger Sense: +2 Reflex save
  • Reckless Attack: If you choose to attack recklessly, you gain advantage on your attack roll; however, all attacks against you until your next turn also gain advantage.
  • Scent: You may sense and track invisible creatures.
  • Superstition: +4 bonus to save vs spells; must save vs spells cast by allies, as well

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