Thursday, 2 October 2014

Upcoming OSR Games and Supplements, Part 2

Although none of the works mentioned in Part 1 have been published in their final form, I am here to speak about a couple of other projects that have got my attention.

Blue Grimoire
A compilation of the spells produced by the goods folks over Hereticwerks. Note that the link talks about a few other upcoming products, as well.

Break!! RPG
An upcoming game based on the familiar D&D-esque tropes mixed with an anime/JRPG aesthetics as the collaboration of Reynaldo Madrinan and Grey Whiz. A number of topics are addressed on their development blog (for instance, this post summarises the key regions of the implied setting). On the game's website you can find a similar summary of the key features of the game, as well as a list of the upcoming products.

Ecology Series
Originally a community project led by Courtney Campbell that aims to bring the mystery and horror back to classic monsters (as described in this post). The whole series is available at Courtney's blog, and - according to him - the compiled and illustrated (?) version is coming along nicely.

Expanded Petty Gods
The idea behind Petty Gods was to create a supplement (similar to Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes and Deities & Demigods) of minor gods; a bestiary for high level adventurers, if you will. The original idea came from Blair, which was then pursued by James Maliszewski (note that both envisioned the product similar to Judges Guild's Unknown Gods); later, the duties of editor in chief were taken up by Greg Gorgonmilk. Last April, the Original Petty Gods was released - but the work on the project was not even close to the finish! The renewed interest meant a lot of additional content being submitted, so Greg and co-editor Matt Schmeer decided to release an expanded version, as well. A WIP table-of-contents was published back then, although it was revealed that XPG would first be published in a number of booklets before the big hardback compilation.

Slumbering Ursine Dunes
Chris Kutalik has been blogging about his upcoming sandbox supplement for quite some time. It is going to feature a pointcrawl, two dungeons, and his Chaos Index. It is currently live on Kickstarter, and the estimated delivery is this year's December.

Strange Stars
Trey Causey's (author of the acclaimed Weird Adventures) upcoming space opera setting. This link directs you to an index of posts Trey has made public on his blog.

Courtney Campbell's own megadungeon, informed by his campaigns and actual play experiences, featuring in practice his views on "good design" (see set design, the Quantum Ogre series, interesting treasure and tricks and traps). It is going to be heavily illustrated (with the focus on providing visual help regarding the environment), and possibly (hopefully!) featuring the extra rules and advice found in his book, On Non-player Character.

Underworld Lore
A content-heavy and very inspiring e-zine edited by Greg Gorgonmilk. So far four issues have been released (#1, #2, #3, and #4). You may learn more about the project on Greg's blog.

Yoon-Suin is noism's still upcoming campaign setting/supplement/toolkit of a South East Asian inspired setting. The original introduction was written in 2009; here you can read a summary of the setting in 25 words, and here are some illustrative pictures. You can also check out a few sample pages and read much more about it under the appropriate label.

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