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Vikings & Valkyries - Session Eight

Session 8 (March 22, 2014)

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In which our troublemakers found the location of the legendary Sommarsverd, fought undead warriors, had a wedding, and win a spectacular battle against the forces of an unknown wizard. The player of Esya (the Huntress) was still abroad, so the party roster was the following:
  • Harald Greentooth (Viking 2), javelin-thrower and spear-wielder with an unlikely high Defense Class
  • Jormund (Sorcerer 2), cunning sorcerer
  • Möjmöj (Half-Giant 1), amazingly and gamebreakingly powerful warrior
  • Gottfried Flogasson (Prince 2), tank of the party and fiancé of Ingrid Olafsdottir
  • Freydís (Priestess of Freya 1), plotting archer-priestess
This session happened a long time ago, so apologies for the lack details (honestly, I'm doing this solely for completion's sake, for I am an amateur perfectionist). The main events of this session were the following.

The party made a trip to the location where the legendary sword, Sommarsverd, was buried. In the middle of the forest they found a large mound under which the sword lay. They talked to some sort of guardian-gardener (a trollish looking fellow with a large hat), then Gottfried made the necessary sacrifice to open the magically sealed entrance to the mound - so he gouged out one of his own eyes. Inside the burial mound the party fought with some undead guarding the tomb; ultimately, they obtained the legendary sword and headed back to Olaf's village.

Shortly after their arrival, Gottfried and Olaf announced the party's splendid victory and that Gottfried was in the possession of the long lost weapon. They also announced that they intend to have the wedding that instant (in order to allow Gottfried to have both cultural and legal support in his endeavor to unite the people now divided).

Unfortunately, their joy was not to last long for one of the dwarves (the redhead Trygg) arrived unexpectedly, blind and tortured, holding the same gem the party paid for the information of the sword's whereabouts (and originally recovered from a dire wolf-like creature). Barely alive, he conveyed a warning from a powerful wizard (possibly the one in command of said creature) that he would come after them and their precious village.

The battle between the forces of the wizard and the village was vicious and tiring, but the party emerged victorious, although the wizard managed to escape on the back of a dragon.

Referee's note: The mass combat system proved to be exhausting to use without providing meaningful choices. However, we find its results satisfying, so we probably won't make a complete overhaul, only small changes to make it run smoothly (possibly writing a little program to make the necessary calculations).
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