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Rappan Athuk - Session Zero

Below you find invaluable information about Rappan Athuk: a list of known entrances, circulating rumours, quests to take, and followers ready for hiring. The campaign hopefully starts in no later than a week or two from now; if you are interested, send me an e-mail, a u2u on LFG.HU, or post a comment here (as of now, the game is run in Hungarian).

For those of you who do not participate in this campaign but currently are or sometime will be delving through Rappan Athuk, proceed reading at your own risk (the long way of saying spoiler alert).

Entrances to Rappan Athuk
  • The most well-known entrance can be found in a sunken graveyard taking the shape of a cross; built of green stone and decorated with fierce-looking gargoyles, a mausoleum, which is told to include a deadly trick, reportedly leads to the main levels of Rappan Athuk.
  • The second entrance lies a few hundred feet north of the mausoleum (but still in the sunken graveyard): the infamous Well.
  • The third entrance, known as the Mouth of Doom, is a couple of miles west of the hill under which Rappan Athuk lies; it is reported to be connected to the main levels via long-long tunnels (called the "Gut"), though.

Rumours in Town
  • Don't go down the Well!
  • Zelkor, a powerful wizard and former leader of the Army of Light, has become an evil lich and aligned himself with the followers of Orcus; he protects the upper levels and the Upper Temple of the unholy demon lord.
  • Behind an illusionary wall somewhere in the main complex, you can find the legendary lantern of Aladdin.
  • Somewhere on the second level is a powerful undead warrior. Don't fight him, unless you want to join him in undeath.
  • Offering monetary wealth to gods can have many benefits as most gods are very much concerned about money.
  • The Dung Monster is indestructible. Don't mess with it.
  • Go down the Well. You know you want to.
  • The level with teleportals galore has no treasure whatsoever. Nobody said it is empty, though.
  • If someone gives you a choice down there, you'd better not screw things up by choosing something not offered.
  • The Oracle knows everything. Ask him wisely, though, for he doesn't answer questions without payment delivered first.

Quests in Town
  • A furious father, Bernard, tells you her daughter, Emily, has been kidnapped by a bandit called Tall Jack Rat; he and his companions were last seen near the Mouth of Doom. In exchange for bringing her back to the settlement, he offers to give you some money and promises to say good things about you in the local inn and temple.
  • A mad alchemist, Theodocius, asks you to gather a sample from the body of the legendary Dung Monster, who dwells below the green mausoleum; he believes it may help him create an indestructible matter. For the task, he offers you four potions of healing.
  • A disturbing novice of academics, Albert, asks you to retrieve a certain book from the lost library of the healers' hermitage, situated somewhere below the Mouth of Doom. For your services, he offers you a map of the Gut, the passages connecting the levels below the Mouth of Doom with the main complex.
  • A repulsive-looking animal trainer, Buck, would rather his canines won the next local "Beauty Contest - Doggy Style", and in order to get his dogs in good shape, he wants you to bring him some Purple Worm flesh. In exchange, he offers to give you some of his performance-enhancing drugs, fit for human consumption.
  • A weasel-faced stranger, Alfonzo, says he will pay you handsomely if you deliver a letter to Ambro, an ogre leader found on the second main level of Rappan Athuk. He offers to give you the recipe of "Feral Pixie Dart Poison" for your troubles.


As of now, the follower-subsystem is not included in the game. It is going to be published as a separate post detailing the specifics of the system and providing a dozen or so examples of possible followers. Although I have not abandoned the idea of mechanically more interesting yet easy-to-handle hirelings, the scope of this campaign seems too narrow for their inclusion. Moreover, I hope to have enough players at my virtual table so that there is no real need for henchmen.

EDIT: The rules for followers can be found here.

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