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Rappan Athuk - Classes

Below you can find the re-worked versions of the four basic classes that are going to be available for players in the Rappan Athuk campaignNote, that certain advanced classes and special abilities can be unlocked in play (see Talysman's Leech and Apothecary to get the idea).

Before describing each class, some general notions:
  • There are no Prime Requisite abilities, thus no bonus XP.
  • The given base XP is for 2nd level; it doubles for each level thereafter (e.g. a base XP of 2,000 means 4,000 for 3rd and 32,000 for 6th level).
  • There are no weapon or armour restrictions. Spell-casting, however, is impossible in metal armour and takes twice as much time in leather armour (thus, usually 2 rounds). Also, some other actions may be penalised or even forbidden in armour. For our purposes, "changing" takes 1 full turn.

  • Hit Dice: d6
  • Base XP: 1,500
  • To-hit bonus: +1 at each odd level
  • Spell-casting: You are granted spells by your god (use Labyrinth Lord spell lists); you must choose and memorise your spells before you delve into the dungeon. For the number of spells you are able to cast per adventure, consult the simplified spell progression table.
  • Turn Undead: Once per encounter, you may try to turn undead. Roll 2d6 + your level - undead's HD -7; the result is the number of undead you turn. If their HD is lower than your level, you may choose to destroy one of them for three you would otherwise turn. Example: A 4th level Cleric turns ghouls (HD 2), and rolls 5 and 4; the result is thus 9+4-2-7 = 4. He may choose to turn four ghouls or destroy one and turn another.
  • Read Scrolls: You are able to cast spells from scrolls directly; they must be Clerical spells, although their level does not matter (i.e. you can cast higher level Clerical spells from scrolls than you are able to memorise).

  • Hit Dice: d8
  • Base XP: 2,000
  • To-hit bonus: +1 per level
  • Combat Expertise: At the beginning of a session, you may choose one: (1) gain +1 to-hit and damage with melee weapons, (2) gain +4 to-hit and damage when volleying with ranged weapons instead of the usual modifiers (+2 to-hit), (3) grant +2 morale to all of your followers, (4) take 1 less damage from all physical attacks as long as you have a shield, or (5) gain twice as many extra HP as many PCs are in the party, counting you
  • Cleaving Attack: If a single hit kills a foe with fewer HD than you, the leftover damage is dealt to the next enemy currently in melee with you (the second enemy may also not have more HD than the first one).
  • Weapon Mastery: At each even level, choose a weapon. When wielding that weapon, you gain +1 to-hit and damage. You may not choose the same weapon twice.

  • Hit Dice: d4
  • Base XP: 2,500
  • To-hit bonus: +1 at 2nd, 5th, and 8th level
  • Spell-casting: You start the game knowing Read Magic plus 3 random spells, and learn 1 random spells per level (use Labyrinth Lord spell lists); these spells are in your spellbook, which you do not take with you on adventures. You must choose and memorise your spells before you delve into the dungeon. Consult the simplified spell progression table for the number of spells you are able to cast per adventure.
  • Read/Create Scrolls: You are able to cast spells from scrolls directly (destroying them in the process), copy them into your spellbook (it also destroys the scroll but makes you able to memorise it later), or copy it onto an other scroll (effectively multiplying the number of scrolls you have and thus the number of spells you are able to cast). Copying to spellbook costs 250gp per spell level, while creating scrolls cost 150gp per spell level.
  • Use/Create Wands: You are able to cast spells using wands, too; they usually have 10-20 charges which you can use to fuel one or two spells. You can also create your own wand to contain a single spell of your choice you know; it costs 1,500gp per spell level, and the freshly created wand has 5d6 charges.

  • Hit Dice: d4
  • Base XP: 1,250
  • To-hit bonus: +1 at each odd level
  • Sneak Attack: Besides the usual +4 to-hit bonus, you deal +1d6 damage per odd level against surprised opponents.
  • Use/Concoct Poison: You are able to safely use poisons and poisoned weapons (others may poison themselves 1 time out of 6). Furthermore, you begin the game with the knowledge of 3 poison recipes; you may concoct poisons for which you have a recipe only, and it costs 200gp per poison level.
  • Read Scrolls: You are able to cast spells from scrolls, regardless of you level, the spell's level, or its type of magic. There are two downsides, though: (1) you have no ability to determine what spell is on a scroll, and (2) you need to choose the target before coming to know the spell's effect.
  • Knack: At character creation, you may choose three: (1) listening, (2) picking locks, (3) disarming traps, (4) climbing sheer surfaces, (5) sneaking and hiding, and (6) being alert. You receive +1 on all d6 rolls associated with the chosen activity.

UPDATE (140705): Changed outdated Untimately links to Necropraxis ones.

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