Thursday, 25 April 2013

Some Petty Foods

Just a short post today; the following petty foods were submitted to be included in the relevant appendix of the Expanded Petty Gods.

Crystal Oranges of Al-Mahraba
These crystallised oranges grow in the sacred garden of Al-Mahraba, guarded by seven soldiers of simian body and reptilian head - divine servitors of [deity associated with lies or equivocation]. The crystal fruits become edible once immersed in either the tears of a child or water from a subterranean sea. The consumer is granted the ability of always detecting lies, in exchange for not being able to tell the truth ever.

Milk of Barghobulya the Thrice-Horned
On plateaus most unreachable, Barghobulya the Thrice-Horned is known to pasture among other bovids of divine origin. Barghobulya's milk is said to cure all diseases; mixed with powdered unicorn horn it becomes pestilential, infecting imbibers with a virulent disease that twists their bodies and minds in equal measure. Fanatical followers of the Jale God oft wonder what properties the mixture of Barghobulya's milk and the powdered horn of an Atacorn might have.

Scrambled Totlyanian Eggs
The saint flock of Totlyanian birds roam the world from season to season, and it is during the spring when they lay their golden eggs to places where they will be most safe from [deity associated with beggars or poverty]'s followers, who are known to scramble these precious eggs. Even a single bite of such a meal results in heavy hallucinations resembling the sickest and wettest dreams imaginable. Besides being highly addictive, its regular consuming causes the weak-willed to slowly abandon morality and swear allegiance to [deity associated with serial killing or similar amoral actions].

Walnuts of the Agrapax Tree
During the magical autumn in the land of fairies, the Agrapax tree bears exactly thirteen walnuts, each the size of a grapefruit. The seed of such fruits carries the blessing of [deity associated with wisdom or fairies], and its consumer gains knowledge about locales or items he seeks the most. Cracking the walnut's shell, however, releases nightmarish sounds that terrify mortals and urges them to crack each other's skull instead.

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