Friday, 29 March 2013

Land of NOD - Session 3

Session 3 (Jan 15, 2013)

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I made the mistake of not writing the session report shortly after the game... I hope I included everything important. Let's see...

The cast included the following characters:
  • Elil Uh-Rair, devout follower of Kothar-wa-Khasis (Cleric 3 / Magic-User 3)
  • John Carter, a former military officer in a space-faring empire (Fighting-Man 4)
  • Latrotox, a nobleman from Venatia (Illusionist 3)
  • Béla, a druid (Druid 4)
  • Ubul, the kobold, follower of John Carter
  • Gaston, 5 archers, 5 armoured and 1 unarmoured footmen
  • later a ship captain, Jack (first mate), and 13 sailors
Notable events:
  • The party, while killing some of the pirates, freed a couple of merchants from the prison.
  • Latrotox, imposing as Captain Porto, duelled with Elil Uh-Rair and faked his own death. Elil quickly convinced the remaining pirates to follow him (at least for now).
  • The party noticed a ship closing in - the Mute Shark was returning to base! They quickly devised a plan to defend themselves and conquer the incoming ship, which included planting explosives and setting up cannons. They also sailed their ship to a secret bay (connected to the pirate lair via a secret escape tunnel) and left it there, along with their own crew of sailors, the merchants, and some armoured soldiers.
  • The battle was rather quick and fierce (although I remember it bogged down a little for tactical decisions and being not always clear who were where doing what); the explosives did not do as much damage as they expected (and it damaged the entry to the pirates' port and the watch posts, as well), but with their cannons and John Carter's Batman-like melee attacks (as he put it) they emerged victorious - they lost only a few soldiers, including Gaston.
  • Some complication arose when the pirates under the control of the adventurers switched sides and joined their former first mate and now pirate of the Mute Shark. They had to be slain for their betrayal.
  • Also, Elil Uh-Rair managed to duel with Porto and defeat him; his head cut off from his body urged the surviving pirates to surrender themselves.
  • Further complications arose when they realised that the soldiers, who were charged with guarding the merchants, former prisoners of the pirates, and their own ship staying on the other side of the small island, set sail towards the Wyvern Coast.
  • Fortunately, they managed to catch up with the coward merchants and, taking advantage of the early hour, they sneaked onto their ship and regained control over it. They killed the most traitorous of the soldiers and sailors, and headed back to the pirate lair - to repair the newly acquired ship and plan their actions.
We, unfortunately, have not continued since then. We played Narmor's Dungeon World campaign; had a session of My Life With Master (which I may write about after finishing it, although I realise it does not particularly fit the theme of the blog); playtested a dungeon that will appear in our Hungarian OSR magazine, the Kazamata; and the game tomorrow is going to be Vikings & Valkyries with another group. Anyhow, the players are eager to continue and I would also like to do so; though Gamer ADD is a frequent visitor, making me want to Referee all sorts of adventures and games...

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