Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Social Combat Redux

I recently posted a conversion of Courtney Campbell's social attack rules to the AS&SH system. However, after crunching some numbers it became apparent that such a system (no matter how baroque and appealing to me) would produce rather unbalanced results, so I decided to redo the maths.

My goal was to keep the rules simple while providing choice and strengthening class archetypes at the same time. I certainly like them better this way.

To-hit modifier = +1 per odd level + (INT or CHA modifier)
Social AC for monsters = 12 - morale - 1 per even HD
Social AC for players = 6 - 1 per odd level - (WIS or CHA modifier)
Social Damage = 1d8 + CHA modifier

Every player character may choose one of the four social attack types (Anger, Fear, Confusion, and Charm) as favoured, granting a +2 to-hit bonus (monsters usually do not get this bonus, but ultimately it is up to the Referee to judge). Furthermore, the following special rules apply:
  • Using an appropriate spell grants +SpellLevel to-hit bonus and deals double damage.
  • Assassins deal double Fear damage.
  • Bards consider each social attack type favoured, and deal +1 damage per odd level.
  • Berserkers are immune to social attacks while raging. (cf. Unbreakable Willpower).
  • Druids and Scouts deal double damage against animals.
  • Monks have a point of social damage reduction per level.
  • Rangers deal double damage against otherworldly creatures.
  • Thieves consider each social attack type favoured.
  • Witches deal double Charm damage.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Five Kung-Fu Styles

I have been slowly (and I mean very slowly) working on a wuxia-inspired setting and OSR compatible rules. Below I present to you five kung-fu styles, one for each of the five different colours of chi. Also, some notes on the rules.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Berserker Class Idea

What I present below is the result of my recent toying with class mechanics. It is obviously unfinished (and contains a lot of Pathfinder-isms), but I believe it still communicates the concept I had in mind well. I have some ideas for the cleric class, as well, basing their abilities on domains and channeling power (a resource similar to the berserker's rage).

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Campaign Pitch: Gothic Megadungeon

Instead of prepping for my upcoming game or finishing my articles for Kazamata, I thought about megadungeons and came up with a couple of different - and at this stage, very vague - ideas, that I am going to present. The first one is:

The Sempiternal Citadel of Maleficence

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Social Combat in AS&SH

The following is a summary and conversion of the social combat rules found in Courtney Campbell's On the Non-player Character.

Characters may substitute one of their attacks (regardless of whether melee or missile) to make one of the following special attacks to deal non-lethal damage. Non-lethal damage is not deducted from one's current hit points but is totalled separately; once it exceeds 1/4 or 1/2 of the creature's current hit points, a Minor or Major effect takes place, respectively, depending on the attack type.

Attacks are resolved as follows:
  • 1d20 - 4 (base penalty) + Intelligence modifier + Charisma modifier
  • target AC equals either (10 - Wisdom score) or (10 - Morale) - 1 per 2 HD; creatures with animal intelligence have +4 AC bonus
  • the attacker's Fighting Ability is a key factor; use your character's regular attack matrix to determine success
  • successful attacks deal 1d8 points of non-lethal damage, plus the better of your Intelligence or Charisma modifier
N.B.: For the purposes of social combat, Intelligence modifier equals the number of extra languages, while Charisma modifier equals reaction bonus.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

AS&SH - Session 12

Session 12 (October 18, 2014)

(Back to Session 1)

In which the party inquires about a way of getting home, sets sail toward the west, and suffers a great tragedy.

This time the party consisted of the following characters:
  • Harald Greentooth (Viking Fighter 4), the last of the original cast
  • Esja Waldensdottir (Viking Ranger 2)
  • Phlianos (Ixian Legerdemainist 2)
  • Laoise (Ixian Druid 2), a non-hater Ixian, who grew up among the Kelts
  • Styrr (Viking Fighter 2), a member of the crew promoted to PC status

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Upcoming OSR Games and Supplements, Part 2

Although none of the works mentioned in Part 1 have been published in their final form, I am here to speak about a couple of other projects that have got my attention.